Sample Resources

The resources available to RPA members reflect the strategy of “One Church, One Message.” That means that everything you see and hear in a given week, from the Homily to Small Group Videos to Kid’s and Student Programs, all follows the same topic. Below you will find one week of content that spans the entire church. Members inside currently have access to all materials that follow the liturgical calendar 4 to 6 months ahead of time to give ample time for planning.

Tough Love

Love in reality is a terrible thing compared to love in dreams. Love in dreams is love is easy. It is easy to love people in our imaginations. It is easy to love humanity, it is very difficult to love real people and requires all we have. In this message series, we will look at some of the demands of love and work to draw people to the conclusion that they need God’s grace to truly love others.

Week 1


In this week’s message we will introduce our series topic and compare and contrast love in dreams from love in reality. We will look at Luke’s Gospel, which tells the story of the presentation of the Temple and Simeon’s warning to Mary that “a sword will pierce your heart.” Mary suffered greatly in bringing Jesus into the world and ultimately on his death on the cross. Love at times will hurt and require sacrifice.

What do we want them to know? Love in reality is tough and not easy. Love requires sacrifice and yet God will provide the grace to help us to love

What do we want them to do? Commit to the series. Consider the “track” they need to be on.