Sample Resources

The resources available to RPA members reflect the strategy of “One Church, One Message.” That means that everything you see and hear in a given week, from the Homily to Small Group Videos to Kid’s and Student Programs, all follows the same topic. Below you will find one week of content that spans the entire church. Members inside currently have access to all materials that follow the liturgical calendar 4 to 6 months ahead of time to give ample time for planning.


A miracle is when God breaks into our lives in a surprising way - doing something that nobody on earth could do, reminding us that God is indeed with us. You know, the first Christmas was a miracle, it started when the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to tell her she would be Jesus' mother. Only God could do that! We may experience many things that may be scary, disappointing, or different than what we expected. God works though these experiences to bring us miracles when we just believe. When we agree to his plan, we receive many blessings/miracles.

Week 1

At Nativity, our children’s Liturgy of the Word is more than a Bible story. It’s an EVENT. Below you will find a lesson plan created for this specific week in the Liturgical Calendar, as well as a sample Time Travelers video to give you an idea of how we present Time Travelers to our children in grades 1-5. For more detailed information, please visit our Time Travelers Field Guide on the "Guides, Manuals and Forms" page.